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Clark, Wyoming Landfill Fencing Project 6/16/12

Clark Landfill
Wyoming Game & Fish and Yellowstone CO. Bear Huntes

Clark Fence Project

Grizzly bears have been using this landfill on the Beartooth front heavily over the last couple of years. Bear management officials have spent countless hours trapping, relocating, and monitoring bears at this site that is not inside typical grizzly habitat.  The fence was old and dilapidated. Yellowstone Country Bear Hunters Association was lucky enough to help out the Wyoming Game and Fish Bear Management team on the erection of an electrified fence around the perimeter of the site.

The site used to have  carcass dumb but that has been destroyed. Other attempts to deter bears such as flashing lights have been unsuccessful as bears become conditioned.  There have been several bears trapped at this site over the last few years.  Hopefully this fence will deter anymore bears from entering and free up time for bear management officials to work in other areas.  We need to limit grizzly depredation in order to obtain a hunting season.  

Again Hunters are the first Conservationist.  We are helping as a hunting outfit to do our part for grizzly recovery and sustainability.

If you have any project ideas or plans coming up and you need help please contact us!