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Bear Attacks Hunter in SW Montana

posted Jun 2, 2014, 5:43 AM by Joe Kondelis
A bear attacked a hunter in the Centennial Valley in extreme southwestern Montana Sunday, Beaverhead County Sheriff Jay Hansen said.

A 47 year old man of Stevensville, was hunting bear with his father in the Fish Creek Lake area on the north side of the Centennial Valley. The man received serious injuries from an unknown species of bear, Hansen said.

The sheriff's dispatch received a telephone call from Clark County (Idaho) sheriff's office reporting personnel had received a 911 call from an injured hunter in the valley. A member of the hunting party transported the injured man to meet with the Lima Ambulance, which took him to Barrett Hospital and Heathcare in Dillon. 

Once stabilized, the man was transported to Helena, where an airplane flew the man to Seattle, Hansen said.

Details on the attack and the man's condition were not available at press time.