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Bear Attacks Hunter in Idaho

posted Sep 19, 2012, 7:00 PM by Joe Kondelis
A Michigan elk hunter was charged and bit by a grizzly bear near Sheridan Creek West of Shotgun Idaho in Clark County.  The hunter and his partner where attempting to locate an elk shot the evening before.  The Grizzly Bear had claimed the carcass and as the hunters neared the bear charged and bit one hunter on the shoulder before returning back to claim carcass.

The hunters hiked the 4 miles out to a hospital in Ashton where the hunter was treated for minor injuries. The pair has hunted this area since 2000 and was not carrying pepper spray or a firearm.  

The reporter made sure to note that a black bear bait had recently been put in the area.  Like that was the cause of the mauling!  The bear was clearly in a defensive mode to protect its carcass!  This is the area of the proposed bait closure we are fighting to keep open in Idaho.  This kind of reporting does not help our situation.