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We are aimed at ensuring a future the of bears and bear hunting in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and bordering states of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Right Now we have 2 Major Goals as an Organization
1.  Get funding for a more indepth population study of Black Bears in 3 States of Wyoming, Idaho,
      Montana. Especially in areas where a black bear co-exist with the larger more aggressive  
      grizzly bear.
      We would like to have a better understanding on how a larger predator can effect the black
      bear and their ability to adapt and grow.  Many areas in all states have not have in-depth    
      studies done in years. Mostly due to "Higher Priorities" that pull funding from commission   
2. Plain and Simple; Delist the Grizzly Bear in Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. By doing so creating 
    more hunting opportunities for the sportsperson.