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Grizzlies Emerging

Food storage regulations are now in effect on the Shoshone National Forest near Cody. Reports of grizzly bears are coming in from both the North and South Fork of the Shoshoni River near Cody.

Mark Brucino, a bear management conflict supervisor with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, said he has received three reports of grizzly tracks at lower elevations along the North Fork of the Shoshone River on the Shoshone National Forest.

He said it’s typical to get a few early bears out at this time of year, males in particular. Females with cubs don’t generally emerge until late April or early May, he said.

“They’re pretty lethargic and there’s not a lot to eat,” Brucino said. “The first thing they do is take advantage of winter kill, but it’s been a mild winter, so there’s probably not much out there.”

Brucino said early bears may also try to kill weakened or injured animals.

“It’s not a great time of year for them to find food,” he said. “They do a lot of laying around. It takes time for them to get their metabolism to ramp up.”

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