About Us

The Yellowstone Country Bear Hunters Associations is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that operates in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.  We are dedicated to the protection & development of bears, bear habitat, & bear hunting in the states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. 

The YCBHA was developed primarily out of a lack of support for the bear hunter & black bears in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Secondly,  due to the overwhelming success of the grizzly bear recovery it is essential to study & better understand the black bear & their habitat, more importantly how the black bear can co-exist with a much larger predator in the grizzly bear. The recent success of the grizzly bear has also created a management issue and more importantly an opportunity for sportsman/women in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming to hunt this remarkable species. 

As we move forward as a respected organization representing all that it is bears in The Rocky Mountain West, It is our vision to leave future generations of sportsman with a better opportunity to share and grow our hunting heritage.  

How we will get there

  •      Bring more youth into bear hunting.
  •      Work with local, state, & federal governments to DE-LIST the grizzly bear &        manage the growing population through hunting seasons in the states of              Montana, Idaho, & Wyoming 
  •      Reduce human bear conflicts & educate the public on causes.  
  •      Increase black bear hunting opportunities through habitat management & a          better understanding of bear population.
  •      Develop a program that will study effects of grizzly expansion on black bear          populations and species health in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.